Urbex is a Chilean real estate company with a highly technological approach. They integrate all the services involved in the process of buying or renting a home into a single platform.

Some of the online services they offer include a virtual appraiser, an online notary, pre-contract financial analysis, and assistance in obtaining credit from certain financial institutions, among others.

We have developed their website, a mobile application, a CMS, a customer acquisition system, and established a bridge between them and other Chilean real estate companies.


We have developed a comprehensive website that allows users to explore the properties available in the URBEX system.

Additionally, it offers services such as a virtual appraiser, an online notary, and the opportunity to join the URBEX team in different roles, whether as an explorer or traveler.

Each of these roles has specific functions, such as client acquisition for explorers or organizing visits for travelers.

Mobile application:

We have created a mobile application that allows users to fulfill their roles as explorers or travelers in a more convenient and user-friendly manner.

This application offers features such as notifications and the ability to take photos, enhancing the user experience.

Content Management System (CMS):

For more efficient content management of the website, we have developed a customized CMS that allows the client to effectively manage the content of their site.

Cutting-edge customer acquisition system:

Using advanced artificial intelligence, we have created an innovative customer acquisition system.

This system automatically gathers customer data, enabling the creation of more effective marketing campaigns and expanding the reach of URBEX.

Bridge with Chilean real estate companies:

We have established a direct connection between URBEX and other real estate companies in Chile.

This enables us to offer platform users the latest real estate projects under development in the country, providing a wide range of options to choose from.

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