There is an app for that!

Long months of lockdown proved to us the importance of digitalization (check our last article on this) and made companies aware of the fact that they should opt for digital solutions in order to organise their everyday workflow. However, not only the internal organization of enterprises have changed, but also the channels with which they approach the customers.  

Nowadays we spend hours using mobile devices, which has led to an emerging necessity for services easily accessible from smartphones and tablets. As a result, we are experiencing a sudden “boom” for mobile applications that has gained more importance than ever before, becoming a principal tool to handle everyday activities. Most mobile users prefer applications to traditional websites due to their functionality.  Apps allow you to get the information only by the single touch of the fingertip, usually without access to internet, regardless of your location. In consequence, an average person spends daily at least 2 hours using mobile applications. As applications are still under development, becoming more and more popular every day, it is an excellent opportunity for the companies to provide this type of solution. Enabling customers to interact with your services and products through an app is something that would distinguish your enterprise from others. Staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies is the key to a successful business in the 21st century. Therefore, ignoring mobile marketing is simply no longer an option, as applications have taken over in almost every category of lifestyle, services, news and social media.   

Then why should you consider creating an app for your business? 

According to a study an average person spends over two hours a day browsing through applications. As mobile applications reach a large number of users, thanks to their easy browsing while performing every-day tasks, they are also becoming an extremely important marketing tool. With all the latest trends in mobile apps development, this industry sector will undoubtedly continue to expand at a rapid pace. Nowadays incorporating apps becomes more and more popular even among small and medium size businesses. If you manage to be a pioneer by incorporating mobile apps as a marketing and sales tool, you assure yourself a leadership position in the future. As a consequence, this marketing tool gives businesses more probabilities for regular customers to find out about the product, most likely increasing also its sales. Mobile apps also provide a wide range of advantages such as the ability to track important analytics. You can easily see which product is a bestseller, how much time the client spends using the app, which functions are the most and the least used etc. All this feedback helps you make your services as customer-oriented as possible. Nevertheless, mobile applications are not only beneficial for the providers but also their users. Properly designed apps are simple and less time-consuming to use than the traditional website. Most of them can also be used offline, which gives them a significant advantage over browsers. Enabling the customers to order food, book a table, reserve entrance or pay for an order with just a couple of clicks, helps businesses attract new clients and gain loyalty from regular ones.  

Develop your application with Calima Solutions 

Every mobile app development company is trying to come up with the best solutions to benefit both the users and service providers. However, creating an app is not an easy task and cannot be executed without experienced developers. At Calima Solutions we are able to design tailor-made mobile applications for enterprises of all sizes in order to boost their productivity and help them distinguish themselves on the market. We collaborate with companies around the world, flexibly adjusting to the needs of every client. Our developers have years of experience in creating mobile applications from scratch, as well as optimizing already existing ones, making them work more efficiently and more user-oriented/user-friendly. Calima Solutions specializes in creating mobile applications with native and hybrid technologies, functioning both for Android and iOS systems. We believe that a well designed website, together with an intuitive app are the key to success on today’s market, making your company stand out from others. Reaching out to the professional team of mobile application developers at Calima can be a breaking point for your enterprise in adjusting to the digital era, as well as for the needs of your company and your customers.  

Did you know? 

By the end of 2025, the app industry is expected to generate over $300 billion in revenue, 25 times more than 10 years ago. 

Around 50% of smartphone users open an app over 10 times a day. 

The most used apps belong to the categories of social media, followed by gaming and messaging. 


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