Digitalization is the answer to the questions of today

Digitalization is the answer to the questions of today

In today’s constantly changing world we have to adjust dynamically to all the challenges that we face. During the last decade, our lifestyle has changed significantly, leading to the development of new technologies that let us keep up with the pace of the world we are living in. Over the last year, digital transition (also known as digitalization) has been taking place and revolutionizing our lifestyle. This process encompasses the development of a wide variety of new technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, sensing technology, as well as the development of applications and software. Thanks to the creation of all these tools, many businesses have decided to make use of them in their everyday functioning by resigning from paper-based recordkeeping in favour of computerized data collection and cloud storage. However, digitalization has not only improved the internal organization of many companies, but also revolutionized the market. The needs of the consumers have also changed over the years, moving many services online. This requires skilful adjustment to the digital age, providing a variety of solutions to the needs of the clients such as, for example, easy to navigate, updated websites and applications, as well as online shops. Digitalization also plays an important role as a marketing tool. Social media and digital commerce have gained significant importance in terms of reaching new customers. Digital transition has implications for enterprises of all sizes, making it a top priority to make their services available also online. The biggest challenge for companies nowadays is to redesign the strategies they’ve had thus far, in order to best suit the requirements of the clients, making the digital services a must for businesses of all sizes.

The COVID-19 pandemic took digitalization to a completely new level, surprising all industries with a sudden need to move their workspace online. Nowadays, things previously determined only for in-person interaction have moved to virtual platforms. International video calls became the part of everyday medium of communication, in many cases replacing the need to travel. Multiple sectors from education to healthcare had to adjust to a new reality, resulting in a huge number of innovations that have helped to improve the quality of the provided services by avoiding unnecessary paperwork. Trade was also affected by the sudden breakdown of the traditional channels of commerce caused by lockdown. It was unavoidable to switch to online platforms, boosting a sudden necessity for the creation of digital tools that would allow it. As the world was fighting the virus, many lifechanging inventions were developed, providing long-term solutions that will stay with us for good. Transformation that took place in the working and selling environment, in many cases shuffled the cards, deciding on who adjusted best to the new reality.

The benefits of digital transformation

Companies of all branches continuously try to introduce digital tools into their everyday functioning because of their multifactor benefits. Among them we can list more secure storage of data and information, faster and more efficient sales processes, reduction of costs, internationalization, as well as increased productivity, thanks to the ability to work from any place in the world. From the point of view of the client, digitalization enabled broader access to diverse services and offers that before were approachable mostly via traditional channels. Digital technology enabled many enterprises of all sizes to successfully simplify the selling process and boost sales rates. Nowadays, the key to successful digitalization depends on understanding the individual needs of each client and creating tailored services that meet the requirements. Websites, applications, active social media management, Q&A tabs as well as artificial intelligence in the form of chatbots are a must of every business that wants to reach out to a broad spectrum of customers.

Calima’s contribution to the digital world of today and tomorrow 

The fast pace of digitalization is possible thanks to the emerging role of automatization services. Creation and integration of enterprise software and machine learning are highly desirable solutions that are still under development. At Calima Solutions we have the answer to all type of problems that an enterpriser may face while trying to digitalize its services. We help companies of all profiles and sizes to drive digital change and adjust to the needs of today’s market. Calima’s team enjoys developing tomorrow’s tech solutions and new business models, creating customized software for our client’s specific needs.

In order to keep up with the pace of the digitalization process we continuously explore Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and internet of things to be able to provide advanced services to our customers. At Calima Solutions we enjoy not only the outcome of the developed projects, but also the whole process of working on it. Every challenge that we come across serves us as a boost to improve our services in the future. We love learning from others; therefore, we participate in multiple international networking events dedicated to tech with top speakers from all around the world. We highly appreciate the possibility to share knowledge and experience, hence Calima Solutions cooperates with other businesses with similar aims and philosophies. As a fast-growing start-up we value education, thus, we actively shape future tech talents by organizing workshops, boot camps, as well as internships for students. At Calima Solutions, our passion for what we do equalizes with opportunities for businesses to modernize and digitalize their services. Digitalization nowadays is the key to the success of tomorrow.


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